5 Things That Will Make You Fall in Love with Amsterdam

5 Things That Will Make You Fall in Love with Amsterdam

With cozy pubs, fairytale architecture and plenty of events and activities to enjoy, Amsterdam glows all around the year but it does show its true colors in the season of winter when the entire city gleams with festive cheer. So,to fall in love with Amsterdam just wrap up your warms and kick-start your fun right from your Emirates flights. Beginning your journey with Emirates flight would simply add spice to your thrilling expedition so grab the opportunity tight and gift yourself an amazing quest.

Winter in Amsterdam

Winter is imminent and trusts me this is the prime time to plan a trip to Amsterdam. The colder months simply connotes magical time to visit the Dutch capital. Reason being this time the nights are cozy, food is hearty, and everything twinkles in fairy lights. Here are five instances which can literally let you fall for Amsterdam.

1) Amsterdam Looks Like a Fairy Tale in The Snow

You simply can’t put any contradictory provision into this fact because Amsterdam is simply stunning in white. Impossibly pretty at the worst of times, the city looks like a Christmas card when it’s dusted in snowflakes – making for a wildly romantic backdrop to any visit. For optimum snowman conditions, head to one of the larger parks like Vondelpark or Westerpark where you’ll find vast expanses of uninterrupted white stuff just waiting to be packed into snowballs.

2) The City Becomes a Spectacle of Light

Amsterdam could turn into a huge outdoor art gallery during the darkest winter months can only be possible with the existence of annual Amsterdam Light Festival which sees magical light installations adorn canals, streets and landmarks from November to January. The best way to see the entire spectacle is via a special Amsterdam Light Festival boat tour. And the lights become deeper with the advent of Christmas where the Dutch Father Christmas, Sinterklaas makes quite the spectacular entrance, sailing into town every winter on a kilometer-long parade of floats and boats, welcomed by upwards of 400,000 spectators.

3) You Can (Sometimes) Ice-Skate on The Frozen Canals

Generally, when the temperature starts to dip below 4 degrees for four consecutive nights, as a result canals are blocked off to allow enough ice to form, although it is not so commonly seen.  Et voila; the world’s most beautiful ice rink. As far as the other opportunities are a concern for outdoor ice skating in Amsterdam that too excluding canals, it shall be including the vast ICE*Amsterdam outside the Rijksmuseum and the Jaap Eden ice rink.

4) Everything Is ‘Gezellig’

Dark nights, twinkling fairy lights, cozy pubs, everything about winter in Amsterdam is truly ‘gezellig’. Pronounced ‘he-zell-ick’, this word with no literal English translation is at the heart of Dutch culture, encompassing everything from ‘cozy’ and ‘quaint’ to ‘friendly’ and ‘relaxing’. It can be applied to any situation or thing that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and you’ll be hearing it a lot if you visit Amsterdam in winter.

5) You Can Eat to Your Heart’s Content withOliebollen

Hearty, substantial and satisfying; Dutch cuisine was made for cold days and nights. From stamppot (traditional Dutch mash) to snert (thick pea and ham soup) and everything in between, Dutch food is designed to warm you up from the inside out. And apart from that if there’s one reason to visit Amsterdam in the winter, then Oliebollen is it. It is always better to have it as much as possible because these delicious balls of dough nutty goodness are a member of one time in a year, so it’s important to utilize the chance the best way you can. Get them into steaming hot and dusted with sugar from a street vendor, and then get some more.