Exploring Alice Springs

Exploring Alice Springs

Located right in the unique heart of the Australian desert, Alice Springs has long been a legendary stop for travelers exploring Australia’s middle regions. This is a frontier town that offers an authentic outback experience, not to mention lots of galleries and an eclectic mix of Aboriginal and European histories. There is truly no place like Alice Springs anywhere else in the country or world. Since Alice Springs sits right on the border of the outback, it has functioned as a stopping point for travelers on their way to their outback adventures. The singular landscape, rich cultural history, and interesting locale make Alice Springs the perfect place to use as the base for your motorhome hire stay in the outback, offering many activities and attractions in the region. Make sure to plan some of the below top attractions when planning your trip.

Larapinta Trail

Very few hikes in the outback can compare to the Larapinta Trail, a scenic and expansive hike that takes in some of the most gorgeous terrain to be found in the region. Keep in mind that this is an incredibly rugged and taxing trail, so if you are an inexperienced hiker then you may want to take a guided tour or limit your time. As an experienced hiker, by all means see if you can take on the entire trail. This is your chance to experience the pleasures of the outback up close and personal, sleeping under a canopy of stars free of all light pollution and witnessing the area’s wildlife. It just doesn’t get any more outback than this, so make sure to keep Larapinta in a prime position on your list.

Bike Trails

After spending many days driving in a camper hire, it will come as a major relief to be able to get on a mountain bike and zoom over some of the absolute best bike trails to be found in the world. The ranges within the Alice Springs area cover many miles of rocky ground and offer incredible views, challenging sections, and overall just an incredibly unique way to see the Outback. This is easily one of the most unique and worthwhile areas for biking in the world.  For any bike enthusiast, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of the trails in Alice Springs.

Camel Train Tour

Could there be a more appropriate way of experiencing the desert than on the back of a camel? Then give your motorhome hire a rest and try out this is the traditional method of desert exploration that has been in effect for centuries, and you can experience the sensation for yourself on your visit to Alice Springs. There are a number of tours in the area that feature day long and half day long guided camel adventures in the desert, plus sunset rides that will truly allow you to witness the splendour and beauty of the high desert.

Four Wheel Drive

One of the best ways to explore the nearby West MacDonnell ranges is by all terrain vehicle, and there are a number of services offering 4WD adventures in the region. With these tours you can explore Simpsons Gap, Desert park, Standly Chasm and many other famous and majestic sights in the region. These are professional tours offering high end modern vehicles and guides, so you can kick back and enjoy the journey with no worries for getting lost or injured.

Desert Park

No trip through Alice Springs is complete without a stop at Desert Park. This is a great way to get a good look at the outback desert region without actually having to spend days hiking the trails. The habitats are well-maintained and over a near complete overview of the main Australian ecosystems. The wildlife featured here is treated well and exists within their natural habitats, so you can end up checking out any species you may have missed thus far on your trip. You can easily spend an entire day at Desert Park, checking out each of the habitats and experiencing the wildlife on offer. This is a great way to gain a clear snapshot of the legendary Australian desert, so check out Desert Park when you’re in the area.

For any motorhome hire traveler looking to get a true taste of the outback experience, Alice Springs offers the perfect combination of outdoor activities, scenic panoramas, and cultural heritage. For many decades, travelers have been stopping through Alice Springs on a quest to experience the best that this legendary region has to offer. The outback has long been considered one of the top areas in the world for camper travel, and is consistently on the bucket list of any serious road traveler. Do yourself a favor and plan a stop in the Alice Springs territory for your next journey.