Fish Tanks and Aquariums: Top 5 Places Where they Should Be Installed

Fish Tanks and Aquariums: Top 5 Places Where they Should Be Installed

Fish tanks and aquariums are a great addition to interior design. It adds calmness to a place, and it also increases its visual appeal. Commercial interior designers in the present are using fish tanks and aquariums to transform blank spaces into something that is innovative. Installing a fish tank inside an establishment would make a big difference, and sometimes, it would drive customers in and generate sales. The therapeutic appeal of seeing a fish tank or an aquarium is also used by the interior designers when working for a place that is filled with negative emotions. It would brighten up the mood of those who are inside, using only an aquarium filled with sea life. There are a lot of shapes and sizes for fish tanks and aquariums, and it all depends on the interior designer which type they would want to use for an establishment.

Click here to know more about commercial aquariums and fish tanks. The following are some of the best examples where fish tanks and aquariums should be installed.

Medical Institutions

Hospitals, dental clinics, and the doctor’s office are some of the best places where a fish tank or an aquarium should be installed. These places often have a lot of waiting patients, and most of them are anxious about the result of their visit to the doctor or the dentist. Putting a small to middle-sized aquariums inside these places would provide the patients with a sense of calm. It would also make them more relaxed before seeing their specialists.

Car Dealerships

This is a new trend in the present wherein car dealerships are asking the help of a professional interior designer to apply the best designs for the shop’s interior. Most of the interior designers have been recommending the installation of a fish tank inside the dealership, to make the place more relaxing. According to the car dealerships’ sales department, installing an aquarium inside the shop helps increase the sales.

Lobbies inside Corporate Offices

This is relatively common, especially with big companies. Interior designers are recommending the installation of aquariums within their lobbies to enhance the look of the building. It would also increase the appeal of the business especially with their clients or applicants who are looking for a job. It would also help a business showcase their style in so many ways possible.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars installing an aquarium inside their interior is also a common practice. According to interior designers, one of the reasons why fish tanks are being placed inside the restaurants and bars is to provide a calm atmosphere for their patrons. Another reason is for these establishments to encourage more customers to visit their place. Seafood restaurants often have an aquarium installed to prove to their customers that what they serve is fresh.


Casinos are known for their lavish designs and installing an aquarium inside the gambling hall would make it more appealing to those who are playing. Just like the other establishments stated above, it would also provide a sense of calm for the visitors.