Learning to Sail Is a Global Enterprise

Learning to Sail Is a Global Enterprise


Spring is in the air in Australia. To members of a yacht club located Down Under, that means offering free sailing days in hopes of encouraging locals to learn to sail. Meanwhile, yacht clubs here in the States have mostly wrap things up for the season.

The lesson here is that learning to sail is a global enterprise. Here in the U.S., we tend to have a problem with tunnel vision. We see the world only through the lens of what occurs on our own soil. But learning to sail is not limited to our yacht clubs and the waters they sail in. People are learning to sail all over the world thanks to the efforts of yacht clubs, training companies, and sanctioning bodies.

One example of a company that offers sailing lessons on an international basis is NauticEd. Though based here in the U.S., the company’s online sailing courses are available to anyone with an internet connection and a device to get online. NauticEd partners with traditional sailing schools to provide on-the-water training following the completion of an online course.

  • Learn to Sail Around the World

It’s a good thing that learning to sail is a global enterprise. Why? Because there are plenty of wonderful places across the globe worthy of sailing. From America’s coastal waters to the Caribbean, the Pacific, and Mediterranean seas, there is no shortage of opportunities to get on the water in your favorite sailing vessel.

If there is one disadvantage to the global mindset – and it’s not really a big deal – it is the fact that international sailing standards aren’t as rock-solid as they appear. Different jurisdictions have different requirements for training and certification. Those requirements may differ even within the same jurisdiction depending on the waters being sailed.

This is where companies like NauticEd come into play. International training organizations can prepare sailors to sail in any waters regardless of jurisdiction. They know what is required to get the necessary sailing certifications and sailing licenses anywhere the sailor wants to go. Training organizations with more of a local emphasis may not offer that same kind of access.

  • Encouraging People to Learn

Offering sailing lessons is one thing but getting people to actually take the lessons is another. That’s why yachting clubs are increasingly placing more emphasis on offering free sailing days. These kinds of events are an opportunity for yacht clubs to showcase what they do, introduces sailing to a new audience, and actually spend time on the water with guests who may eventually decide to take sailing lessons.

Imagine being able to go to your local yacht club and spend a day learning all about sailing at no charge to you. Even if you were more curious than serious, the amount of information you could learn from experienced sailors is priceless. If your time spent at the yacht club also stirred an interest to learn in you, that would be a bonus.

Ask any yacht club executive why his/her organization offers free sailing days and you’re likely to hear an answer that has something to do with encouraging people to learn to sail. It does work. Giving people a day-long experience is generally enough to pique the interest of at least a few. And to that end, free sailing days are well worth the investment

While free sailing days are just getting underway in the southern hemisphere, those of us in the northern hemisphere are putting the finishing touches on a wonderful 2018 season. The world continues to turn, and people are learning to sail with every passing day. Learning to sail truly is a global enterprise.