Rock Salt: Inexpensive Driveway and Pavement De-Icer

Rock Salt: Inexpensive Driveway and Pavement De-Icer

As much as we may love to see frost crystals and serene snow drifts glinting in the winter sunshine on cards and in pictures, the reality is far less romantic. From slush to puddles on our roads to slimy moss and leaf covered pavements, the primary concern becomes safety as you journey to and from work, school and home.

Rock salt is your greatest friend this winter; as temperatures decrease, risks increase. Please don’t take chances because your level, smooth landscaping could be treacherous and painful to slip on.

A selection of sites where an application of driveway grit/sand or pavement de-icer proves hugely effective:

  • Paths and pavements.
  • Car parks.
  • Alley ways.
  • Around bus or taxi stops.
  • Outside medical premises.
  • Shopping centres.
  • On school grounds.
  • Yard/courtyard/smoking areas.

Why use rock salt?

Rock salt costs approximately £5-£6 per 25kg.

Winter grit is normally a salt and sand mix and leaves a sandy residue.  With rock salt, the grit which remains after the salt has dissolved makes flat surfaces like tarmac or paving more uneven so there is greater security underfoot and vehicle tyres.

Rock salt acts as an effective driveway, path and pavement de-icer and is a recommended HSE measure. The Highways Agency use rock salt on public roads, and if it’s good enough for them, please take that as a sign that it will work excellently around your property.

Application of rock salt should not be left until the moment of transit over the landscaping material; the salt needs a little time to dissolve for optimum performance and therefore safety. Compacted snow and ice usually requires more time for rock salt to penetrate so please think ahead.

Acting prior to any snow, ice or frost is the best way to protect yourself, residents, friends, employees and visitors. The new layer of dangerous material won’t be able to settle with the de-icer on the ground.

Rock salt is always preferable to an accident or injury.

Demand and professional driveway grit/salt suppliers 

Rock salt stocks can run low in extreme weather conditions; we’ve seen numerous instances of this on television news reports when local authorities struggle.

From a lack of planning to panic buying, as soon as snow, heavy ice or frost descends, suppliers are inundated with customers, many of whom want several kilograms for commercial applications. Suppliers appreciate that the level of demand increases suddenly and aim to meet all requests, but who knows when a weather Armageddon might arrive?  Get ahead by obtaining your driveway and pavement de-icer before any crisis occurs and enjoy peace of mind.

Take advantage of a convenient rock salt, landscaping materials and aggregates delivery service from a reputable supplier like Rivar Sand and Gravel, who are based in Windlesham, Newbury and Tadley. Experts are also happy to advise on practices, quantities and additional safety measures.

Slip and trip issues can occur after rainfall, early morning dew and on dry landscaping materials too, so when in doubt, use rock salt.

Remember the adage? It’s better to be safe than sorry.